On why I set up this website.

Hello everyone!

I’m a writer and an editor with a passion for stories and I’m looking to make something you’ll hopefully want to read. I’ve set up this website to mark reaching 30,000 words in my first novel, tentatively titled The City of the Gods; a fantasy fiction yarn set in a world I’ve been creating for at least ten years.

As with any creative project, my book may well be a very different entity by the time I’m done and I can’t say how long you’ll have to wait, but I’ll keep this site updated with what the progress I make and excerpts from the novel.

I also intend to post articles here about my other projects and you’re welcome to advise on or criticise whatever I come up with. Everything I do can be made better and your input will always be accepted. If I think you have a point, I’ll act upon it too.

You can always contact me at stephen.daly@outlook.com or on Twitter @StephenDalyAuth or @StephenDaly_.



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About Stephen Daly

Co-editor of game culture and lifestyle site gamemoir.com and a news editor for Gameranx. You can follow me on Twitter at @StephenDaly_ or email sdaly@gamemoir.com.


The City of the Gods


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