Here you’ll find the synopsis for my book, The City of the Gods. You can also read chapter one and chapter two to give you a better idea of what to expect. Image by anotherwanderer on DeviantART.

For various reasons I haven’t been as active on this blog as I should have been these past few months but I hope to start posting regularly once again, beginning with this synopsis of my book, The City of the Gods. If you’re interested in beta reading it, feel free to email me at or you can tweet me @StephenDaly_ or @StephenDalyAuth.


Forced to flee by an assassin, the Princess Syai escapes into the caverns beneath her city on the same night the slave Atalia discovers the key to unlocking the incredible magic within her. With the aid of the enigmatic yet broken Dice Man, they seek to untangle the web of deceit built about them by men and gods alike.

In the company of the street boy Pol and the lethal warrior Kiva, the small band must navigate the necropolis and overcome the ancient monsters which lurk in the deep places of the world to reach the City of the Gods and confront their fate.

Along the way, they encounter dwellers who have never lived under the light of the sun, a vampire from the dawn of time, and a prince who seeks to reshape in his own image the world by any means necessary. As empires prepare for war, the Dark God Korok rises in the distant land of Tysir with vengeance on His mind and malice in His heart.

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The City of the Gods


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