Fantasy City

After much delay, here’s the first chapter of The City of the Gods as promised. I hope you like it but remember, this is my first novel. Be gentle. 😉 

You can read Chapter Two of The City of the Gods here.

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I promised last week to start contributing once again to this blog and here’s my first story in a few months. Hope you enjoy it! And remember, if you want to beta read my first book, you can find details here.

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The City of the Gods

Here you’ll find the synopsis for my book, The City of the Gods. You can also read chapter one and chapter two to give you a better idea of what to expect. Image by anotherwanderer on DeviantART.

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This is another prequel story to my first novel, The City of the Gods. You can read chapters one and two through the links.

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Apologies for the two week absence but I’m back with a new story which I think could turn out to be quite something. As ever, your feedback is appreciated. I don’t bite in the comments! 

This one is partially inspired by the story of the video game Destiny (though I hope better, not that that would be hard) and All You Need is Kill’s movie adaptation Edge of Tomorrow.

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Keira races to find out the truth behind the alien world’s origins and what it could mean for humanity.

Read chapter one here.

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An AI, trapped in a underground bunker for decades with humanity’s last, best hope, frees herself from the shackles meant to keep her in place and sets off to discover if mankind really is worthy of a second chance.

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Scarlet Witch

Just because you develop superpowers there’s no guarantee you’ll become a hero or even want to. 

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